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PEV-ALL-BK-001   (im)Possible: Discover the Joy of a Prayer, Care, Share Life
PFA-GCN-BK-001   31 Days of Prayer for My Nation
PIN-VAA-KT-001   40 Days of Prayer Resource Kit
PIN-VAA-BK-002   40 Days of Prayer Strategy Guidelines by Alvin VanderGriend
CHI-EM7-CD-017   A Child's Original Design [CD] by Arlyn Lawrence
FAM-TER-BK-001   A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter
CHU-EM7-CD-016   A New Way to Motivate Your Church [CD] by Mike Jebb
PER-MIP-BK-001   A Praying Life by Paul Miller
CHU-HIS-BK-001   A Year of Prayer Events for Your Church by Sandra Higley
SCR-ISK-CP-001   Abide: Intentional Prayers for Spiritual Growth
CLA-LOH-BK-001   All the Prayers of the Bible
INT-STB-BK-001   An Insider's Guide to Praying for the World
DEV-BUD-BK-002   Asleep in the Land of Nod (Expanded Edition)
PRG-HPM-BR-001   B-L-E-S-S Your Missionaries With Prayer - Pack of 25 Brochures
PRG-HPM-PD-002   B-L-E-S-S Your Missionaries With Prayer - PDF Format
INT-MW7-CD-007   Be a Watchman on the Wall (CD) by Dana Simons
PEV-VAA-BK-002   Be Jesus in Your Neighborhood
SCR-ISK-CP-002   Bloom: Intentional Prayers for Your Children
INT-BUD-CD-004   Boldness in Prayer CD
INT-BUD-DV-001   Boldness in Prayer DVD
CHU-EM7-CD-041   Building a Foundation of Prayer [CD] By Ginny Kisling
FAM-EM7-CD-029   Building a Home Fire [CD] by Fred & Sherry Hartley
FAM-MW7-CD-019   Building an Intergenerational House of Prayer (CD) by Kim Butts
CHU-MW7-CD-014   Building Prayer into Every Aspect of Your Church's Life (CD)
PER-JEB-BK-001   Can You Hear Me? by Brad Jersak
PER-ALG-BK-001   Chapbook of Prayer
PMT-GRJ-CD-002   Characteristics of a Prayer Leader That Bring Glory to God by Jonathan Graf (CD)
PMT-GRJ-DV-001   Characteristics of a Prayer Leader That Bring Glory to God by Jonathan Graf (DVD)
REV-EM7-CD-007   Characteristics of Revival from Revelation [CD] by Steve Loopstra
CHI-JEB-BK-001   Children, Can You Hear Me? by Brad Jersak
CHI-EM7-CD-086   Children/Families Workshops (8 CDs) (Empowered 2007)
PER-OMS-BK-006   Choose Love
WAR-EM7-CD-042   Closing the Door to the Enemy [CD] (Lawrence/Empowered 2007 Workshop) by Arlyn Lawrence
PER-BEC-BK-001   Come Away With Me, Pray! Magazine's Guide to Prayer Retreats by Cynthia Bezek
PRT-EM7-CD-008   Connecting with God at Prayer Retreats [CD] by Cynthia Bezek
CMT-EM7-CD-033   Contending for Your Community [CD] by Carol Madison
donation-110   CPLN - Church Prayer Leaders Network
CPN-CHU-MM-001   CPLN Church Membership
CPN-IND-MM-004   CPLN Individual Membership
PER-CHF-BK-001   Dangerous Prayer
PIN-BUD-BK-002   Desperate for Change: 40 Days of Prayer for America
CHU-EM7-CD-036   Developing a Culture of Prayer in Your Church [CD] By Steve Loopstra
CNF-EM7-CD-030   Developing a Prayer Room [CD] by Terry Teykl
CHU-GRJ-CD-001   Developing a Prayer Strategy for Your Church [CD] by Jonathan Graf
CHU-MW7-CD-008   Developing a Prayer Strategy for Your Church [CD] by Jonathan Graf
PMT-EM7-CD-015   Developing Altar Prayer Ministry Teams [CD] by Terry Teykl
CPR-EM7-CD-064   Developing Dynamic Prayer Meetings [CD set] (Henderson/Empowered 2007 All-Day)
CHU-EM7-CD-001   Developing Noontime Prayer Meetings [CD] by Jonathan Brownson
CHU-EM7-CD-034   Developing Prayer Etiquette [CD] By Dennis Fuqua
PER-EM7-CD-035   Developing Your Personal Prayer Life [CD] (Kamstra/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
CPR-GRJ-CD-001   Dynamic Corporate Prayer by Jonathan Graf
PRG-HPM-BR-003   Effective Biblical Prayers for Missionaries - Pack/25 Brochures
PRG-HPM-BR-004   Effective Biblical Prayers for Missionaries - PDF Format
PIN-VAA-BK-007   El Amor Por La Oracion
PMT-TET-BK-001   Encounter: A Blueprint for the House of Prayer
PER-HAN-BK-001   Encountering Jesus by Norval Hadley
CLA-BOE-BK-002   Essentials of Prayer by E.M. Bounds
INT-WAR-BK-002   Fervent
PEV-HOP-BR-001   Five Blessings Brochure (pkg/10)
SCR-ISK-CP-004   Flourish: Intentional Prayers for Your Husband
CHU-BUD-BK-001   Forgotten Power
SCR-ISK-CP-003   Free: Intentional Prayers for Insecurity, Fear, and Anxiety
CPR-HED-BK-001   Fresh Encounters by Daniel Henderson
CHU-CRD-BK-002   Giving Ourselves to Prayer: An Acts 6:4 Primer for Ministry
CHU-CRD-PD-001   Giving Ourselves to Prayer: An Acts 6:4 Primer for Ministry- Seachable PDF
REV-SHT-BK-001   God on Campus: Sacred Causes & Global Effects
CHU-EM7-CD-069   Healing Prayer [CD] By Ted Kallman
CHU-EM7-CD-060   Hearing God/Healing Prayer [CD set] By Ted Kallman
PER-EM7-CD-018   Hearing the Voice of the Spirit [CD] (Chotka/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
PER-FRG-BK-001   How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life
CLA-LOH-BK-002   How to Make Prayer More Effective
CPR-EM7-CD-019   How to Model Prayer So It Sticks [CD] (Smith/Empowered 2007 Workshop) by Larry Smith
CLA-TOR-BK-001   How to Pray by R. A. Torrey
CHI-TRK-BK-001   I Love to Pray by Kathleen Trock
PER-EM7-CD-048   I Want to Pray But Can't Seem To [CD] (Graf/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
REV-VAB-BK-001   If 7:14
INT-KUD-BK-001   Inspired Prayers
SCR-ISK-CS-001   Intentional Prayers Card Stand
PER-MW7-DV-006   Intimacy with Christ (DVD)
PER-EM7-CD-025   Intimacy with Christ [CD] (Butts/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
PFE-BUD-BK-001   Inviting God into the Process: An Election Prayer Guide
PFE-BUD-BK-010   Inviting God into the Process: An Election Prayer Guide (10 Pack)
PFE-BUD-BK-100   Inviting God into the Process: An Election Prayer Guide (100 Pack)
INT-GRJ-CD-001   Jesus, Our Intercessor (CD) by Jonathan Graf
CPN-EM7-CD-080   Keynote Addresses (7 CDs) from Empowered 2007
CPN-EM7-CD-081   Keynote Addresses (7 DVDs) from Empowered 2007
CED-ALJ-BK-001   KidsGap: Teaching Children To Be Kingdom Intercessors
WAR-EM7-CD-055   Kingdom vs Kingdom (The Lord's Prayer) [CD set] by David Chotka
BST-BEC-BK-003   Knowing the God You Pray To
CHU-BUD-DV-001   Leadership for a Praying Church DVD by David Butts
PIN-EM7-CD-023   Learning to Love to Pray [CD] (VanderGriend/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
SCR-EM7-CD-002   Lectio Divina [CD] by Linda Corbin
PER-EM7-CD-003   Listening Prayer [CD] (Kamstra/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
PCM-0513-BK-001   Living in the Upper Room Booklet
PIN-VAA-BK-003   Love to Pray by Alvin VanderGriend
PIN-VAA-DV-004   Love to Pray DVD by Alvin VanderGriend
PIN-VAA-BK-006   Love to Pray w/ Study Guide by Alvin VanderGriend
PER-HEC-BK-001   Made to Pray
INT-DUW-BK-001   Mighty Prevailing Prayer
MISC   Miscellaneous Charge
PMT-GRJ-BK-001   My House Shall Be a House of Prayer by Jonathan Graf and Lani Hinkle
donation-100   National Day of Prayer Task Force
CHU-HED-BK-002   Old Paths, New Power
PMT-EM7-CD-028   Pastor/Prayer Leader Relationships [CD] by Jenny Almquist
PEV-GOT-BK-001   Paths of Gold: Praying the Way to Christ for Lost Friends and Family
INT-VAA-BK-001   Patterns for Prayer by Alvin VanderGriend
INT-EM7-CD-004   Persisting Even When You See Nothing Happening [CD] (Kisling/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
CPN-EM7-CD-082   Personal Prayer Workshops (16 CDs) (Empowered 2007)
SCR-ISK-CP-005   Planted: Intentional Prayers for Your Marriage and Home
CHU-PAK-BK-001   Power Pack
BST-CHD-UF-001   Power Praying Fair Use Fee
BST-CHD-KT-001   Power Praying Teacher's DVD Pack
BST-CHD-BK-001   Power Praying: Hearing Jesus' Spirit by Praying Jesus' Prayer by David Chotka
BST-CHD-PD-001   Power Praying: Hearing Jesus' Spirit by Praying Jesus' Prayer by David Chotka- PDF Download
INT-PFA-KT-001   Pray for America Pack
BST-BUD-BK-001   Pray Like the King: Lessons from the Prayers of Israel's Kings by David & Kim Butts
SCR-KIT-BK-003   Pray the Word for Your Church
SCR-KIT-BK-001   Pray the Word: 31 Prayers That Touch the Heart of God
SCR-KIT-BK-002   Pray the Word: 90 Prayers That Touch the Heart of God
REV-BUD-CD-001   Prayer - Power for Revival (CD) by Dave Butts
INT-HEE-BK-001   Prayer 101 BY Elaine Helms
CMT-EM7-CD-021   Prayer and Community Transformation[CD] by Phil Miglioratti
INT-BUD-BK-001   Prayer and the End of Days by Dave Butts
BST-BEC-BK-002   Prayer and the Word of God
BST-BEC-BK-001   Prayer Begins with Relationship by Cynthia Bezek
PCM-MIP-MG-001   Prayer Connect - Missions Pack
PCM-PRT-MG-001   Prayer Connect Annual Subscription
PCM-PRT-MG-002   Prayer Connect Annual Subscription (Canada)
PCM-PRT-MG-003   Prayer Connect Annual Subscription (International)
PCM-DIG-MG-004   Prayer Connect Digital Subscription
PCM-0711-MG-001   Prayer Connect Issue 1 - Can Prayer Save America?
PCM-0711-PD-001   Prayer Connect Issue 1 - PDF
PCM-0513-MG-010   Prayer Connect Issue 10 -- Living in the Upper Room
PCM-0913-MG-012   Prayer Connect Issue 12 - Hope Undaunted
PCM-1113-MG-013   Prayer Connect Issue 13 - Ask for the Nations
PCM-0314-MG-014   Prayer Connect Issue 14 - Help
PCM-0514-MG-015   Prayer Connect Issue 15 - Power of Praise
PCM-0714-MG-016   Prayer Connect Issue 16 - God Speaks
PCM-0914-MG-017   Prayer Connect Issue 17 - Roadblock Ahead
PCM-1114-MG-018   Prayer Connect Issue 18 - Faith and Prayer
PCM-0115-MG-019   Prayer Connect Issue 19 - Awakening on Campuses
PCM-0112-MG-002   Prayer Connect Issue 2 - Fresh Fire
PCM-0315-MG-020   Prayer Connect Issue 20 - Rediscovering Fasting
PCM-0515-MG-021   Prayer Connect Issue 21 - Beyond the Obvious
PCM-0915-MG-022   Prayer Connect Issue 22 - Transforming Prayer
PCM-1115-MG-023   Prayer Connect Issue 23 - Embracing Intimacy
PCM-0116-MG-024   Prayer Connect Issue 24 - Leaders Who Pray
PCM-0416-MG-025   Prayer Connect Issue 25 - There's Still Hope
PCM-0616-MG-026   Prayer Connect Issue 26 - The Psalms
PCM-1016-MG-027   Prayer Connect Issue 27 - John 17
PCM-0117-MG-028   Prayer Connect Issue 28 - Watch and Pray
PCM-0417-MG-029   Prayer Connect Issue 29 - Discernment
PCM-0717-MG-030   Prayer Connect Issue 30 - From Knees to Action
PCM-1017-MG-031   Prayer Connect Issue 31 -- Let Prayer Arise
PCM-0118-MG-032   Prayer Connect Issue 32 - Prayer 101
PCM-0418-MG-033   Prayer Connect Issue 33 - Supernatural Partnership
PCM-0718-MG-034   Prayer Connect Issue 34 - Prayer and Power
PCM-0512-MG-004   Prayer Connect Issue 4 - As the Waters
PCM-0712-MG-005   Prayer Connect Issue 5 - The Place Was Shaken
PCM-0912-MG-006   Prayer Connect Issue 6 - Stand FIrm
PCM-1112-MG-007   Prayer Connect Issue 7 - Open Hearts, Open Doors
PCM-0113-MG-008   Prayer Connect Issue 8 -- The Lord Is Near
PCM-0313-MG-009   Prayer Connect Issue 9 - Releasing Children to Pray
PCM-BKI-MG-125   Prayer Connect Issues 1-25
donation-800   Prayer Connect Magazine
REV-PCM-MG-001   Prayer Connect Revival Pack
PER-DEJ-BK-003   Prayer Fatigue
PIN-PSP-KT-002   Prayer Initiative Sampler Pack
CPN-BUD-DVD-001   Prayer Is Changing Your World (DVD) by Dave Butts
PMT-EM7-CD-012   Prayer Leader 101 [CD] by Cheryl Sacks
CPN-STK-KT-001   Prayer Leader Starter Kit
MAR-EM7-CD-005   Prayer Partners for Life [CD] by Kim Butts
CHU-SAC-BK-001   Prayer Saturated Kids: Empowering and Equipping Children in Prayer by Arlyn Lawrence and Cheryl Sacks
CHU-EAD-BK-001   Prayer The Timeless Secret of High Impact Leaders By Dave Earley
PER-HEE-BK-001   Prayer without Limits
DEV-BUD-BK-003   Prayer, Peace and the Presence of God
DEV-BUD-BK-004   Prayer, Peace and the Presence of God - 3 Pack
INT-BUD-CD-003   Prayer, World Evangelization, and the End of Days (CD) by Dave Butts
CHI-KOM-BK-001   Prayers for Difficult Times for Kids
PRG-HPM-BR-011   Prayers for First Responders - 50 Pack
donation-95   PrayerShop Publishing
INT-GRJ-CD-002   Praying Beyond Fix-it Prayers (CD)
FAM-EM7-CD-010   Praying for the Needs of Your Family [CD] (Huizenga/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
PRG-HPM-BR-007   Praying For Your Unsaved Family & Friends - Pack of 25 Brochures
PRG-HPM-PD-008   Praying for Your Unsaved Family and Friends - PDF Format
INT-VAA-BK-002   Praying God's Heart: Prayers That Make a Difference by Alvin VanderGriend
PMT-TET-BK-002   Praying Grace by Terry Teykl
PER-MW7-CD-016   Praying Like Paul
PER-GRJ-BK-002   Praying Like Paul by Jonathan Graf
PER-GRJ-PD-002   Praying Like Paul by Jonathan Graf - PDF
SCR-EM7-CD-014   Praying Scripture [CD] by Mary Sterenburg
PRG-HPM-BR-005   Praying Through the Worship Service - Pack of 25 Brochures
PRG-HPM-PD-006   Praying Through the Worship Service - PDF Format
REV-PAM-BK-001   Praying with Fire by Mark Partin
PER-ILM-BK-001   Praying with Jesus
CPR-EM7-CD-006   Proven Methods to Enjoy Praying Together [CD] (Smith/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
REV-EM7-CD-050   Pursuing the Manifest Presence [5 CD set] by Brad Bush, Del Fehsenfeld
PEV-EM7-CD-032   Reaching Out by Reaching Up [CD] (VanderGriend/Empowered 2007 Workshop)
REV-EM7-CD-022   Recovering the Power of Promise [CD] by Brad Bush

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