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America needs prayer! PrayerShop and the National Day of Prayer Task Force are committed to raising up an army of intercessors who will cry out for our nation. The section has a number of recommended books and prayer guides that can help you to pray on target for our nation.

NOTE: If you are looking for the Election Prayer Guide, "Inviting God into the Process," that guide has sold out and we will not be reprinting.

You can see a free copy of the guide at "Invite God into the Process". A free PDF download of the guide isavailable at that page as well.
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31 Days of Prayer for My Nation 31 Days of Prayer for My Nation

Our nation needs prayer like never before. It sometimes feels like morally and spiritaully we are in  a downward spiral. We need a fresh out-pouring of God's Spirit that will revive His Church and bring spiritual awakening to the United States again. 31 Days of Prayer for My Nation will get you praying on target for such a move of God.

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Special until 9/30 $7.99
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Inspired Prayers Inspired Prayers

Using key Scriptures that inspired our Founding Fathers, Inspired Prayers challenges and encourages believers to pray their scriptural truths over the United States.

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Prayers for First Responders Prayers for First Responders - 50 Pack

When tragedy strikes, we all look for help. Fire fighters, policemen and medical personnel are usually the first on a scene offering aide. These individuals need our prayers. This brochure-formatted guide includes 10 Scripture-based prayers to pray for these people who everyday risk their lives on our behalf. Sold in shrink-wrapped packs of 50.

Regular Price: $11.99
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Special Price Until Oct 31: $9.99
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Pray for America Pack Pray for America Pack

This pack of 4 resources that focus on prayer for the United States will fuel you passion and better equip you to pray effectively against the moral downward spiral in our nation. Pack includes: With One Cry, Desperate for Change, Can Prayer Save America? (Prayer Connect, Issue 1) and There's Still Hope (Prayer Connect Issue 25). Normally, these products sell for $30.29 separately, but together they sell for $19.99--a 34% savings.

Regular Price: $30.29
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With One Cry With One Cry: A Renewed Challenge to Pray for America

Most Christians believe that much prayer is needed for America. But most do not know how to pray in an effective way that will release the power of God on behalf of our nation. Weaving together Scriptures and stories from America's past With One Cry confronts our current situation, and provides hope for our future.

But we as believers must pray!

Above all, With One Cry will inspire you and equip you to pray God's purposes for our nation. Will you accept the challenge? Together, as God uses our prayers, the course of our nation and history can be changed.

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Desperate for Change Desperate for Change: 40 Days of Prayer for America

America is clearly in trouble. We have lost our spiritual and moral moorings. It is time now to cry out to God as never before, as a unified voice, to ask for forgiveness and His blessing on our nation again. This scripture-based guide by David Butts, the chairman of America's National Prayer Committee, offers 40 inspiring devotionals and 40 scriptures to pray for our nation. Excellent for individuals and even better for entire congregations or small groups, Sunday school classes, to pray together.

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Can Prayer Save America? Prayer Connect Issue 1 - Can Prayer Save America?

Renew your hope for God to bless our nation again.

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