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Praying for those who don't know Christ is a key to their salvation. The products in this section are designed to equip, challenge, or stimulate you to be more effective and consistent in praying for lost people.
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Be Jesus in Your Neighborhood

Subtitled "Developing a Prayer-Care-Share Lifestyle in 30 Days," this daily devotional will move an individual or a congregation to make praying for and sharing Christ with neighbors a way of life. The devotionals are written by practitioners who have seen many neighbors come to faith in Jesus.

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Paths of Gold Paths of Gold: Praying the Way to Christ for Lost Friends and Family

Paths of Gold provides five themes and 46 Scripture-based kingdom prayers to pray for lost friends and family.

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Reaching Out by Reaching Up [CD] (VanderGriend/Empowered 2007 Workshop)

Shows practical ideas on praying for the lost.

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Five Blessings Five Blessings Brochure (pkg/10)

B.L.E.S.S. your neighbors with prayer.

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Developing Noontime Prayer Meetings Developing Noontime Prayer Meetings [CD] by Jonathan Brownson

Prayer meetings that mobilize Christian businesspeople to pray for the salvation of coworkers and the blessing of God on their businesses.

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Praying For Your Unsaved Family & Friends - Pack of 25 Brochures

Scripture based prayers to pray for lost friends and family members.

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Praying for Your Unsaved Family and Friends - PDF Format

Scripture-based prayers to pray for family and friends who do not yet know Christ. This downloadable version allows you to make as many copies as you need it your church setting It cannot be sold.

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Prayer Connect Issue 7 - Open Hearts, Open Doors

This issue, subtitled "Preparing the Way through Prayer Evangelism," looks at the important connection between praying for lost friends and neighbors and their responsiveness to the gospel.

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Shine His LIght

As believers, we know it is important to share our faith, but it is not something that comes easily or naturally to most of us. So we dont do it much. Shine His Light offers a simple solution to that situation. It teaches you how to primarily pray for neighbors. Then as a result of your prayers, you begin to naturally want to reach out and care for them, than eventually share Christ with them.

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