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These Scripture-based prayer guides have been developed by Dave and Kim Butts or Alvin VanderGriend of Harvest Prayer Ministries.
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B-L-E-S-S Your Missionaries With Prayer - PDF Format B-L-E-S-S Your Missionaries With Prayer - PDF Format

Prayers to pray for missionaries using the BLESS acronym. This pdf format allows you to make as many copies of this guide as you need, as long as you are not selling them.

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Five Blessings Five Blessings Brochure (pkg/25)

B.L.E.S.S. your neighbors with prayer.

Our Price: $9.99
BLESS Your Missionaries B-L-E-S-S Your Missionaries With Prayer - Pack of 25 Brochures

Prayers for missionaries based on the BLESS acronym.

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Effective Prayer for Missionaries Effective Biblical Prayers for Missionaries - Pack/25 Brochures

Presents scripture based prayers to pray for missionaries. Based on what the Apostle Paul asked believers to pray for him.

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praying through the worship service Praying Through the Worship Service - Pack of 25 Brochures

This HPM resource brochure is intended to be used to train intercessors to pray during your worship services.

Our Price: $9.99
Praying for Unsaved Friends and Family Praying For Your Unsaved Family & Friends - Pack of 25 Brochures

Scripture based prayers to pray for lost friends and family members.

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Prayers for First Responders Prayers for First Responders - 50 Pack

When tragedy strikes, we all look for help. Fire fighters, policemen and medical personnel are usually the first on a scene offering aide. These individuals need our prayers. This brochure-formatted guide includes 10 Scripture-based prayers to pray for these people who everyday risk their lives on our behalf. Sold in shrink-wrapped packs of 50.

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