City of Prayer City of Prayer

Imagine a city where hundreds of churches and thousands of believers pray in an unceasing way, 24/7, for their community and for revival and spiritual awakening. City of Prayer: Transform Your Community through Praying Churches by Pastors Trey Kent and Kie Bowman tells such a story. Plus it shows the reader how this can happen in any community.

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Prayers for First Responders Prayers for First Responders - 50 Pack

When tragedy strikes, we all look for help. Fire fighters, policemen and medical personnel are usually the first on a scene offering aide. These individuals need our prayers. This brochure-formatted guide includes 10 Scripture-based prayers to pray for these people who everyday risk their lives on our behalf. Sold in shrink-wrapped packs of 50.

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Cities at Prayer Prayer Connect Issue 38 -- Cities at Prayer

"Cities at Prayer: Continuous Intercession in Your Community" is all about the growing move of God to raise up citywide prayer movements. You will be both inspried that this could happen in your city, and challenged to pray for your community.

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Pray the Word for Your Church Pray the Word for Your Church

One of the most important things you can do to grow the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is to pray regularly for your church. Pray the Word for Your Church, by Ty King, includes 31 powerful Scripture-based prayers that will help you focus on the things that are on God's heart for His Church. Far more than just written prayers, each prayer will stimulate you to go further into prayer. It also includes a 21-page "Praying for My Church Community Journal" that provides space to organize and record your own prayers for specific ministries and people in your church.

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Prayer Ministry Volunteer Handbook Prayer Ministry Volunteer Handbook

How can a prayer ministry transform your church? Whether you are part of your church's prayer ministry, or thinking about starting or joining a prayer ministry team, the Prayer Ministry Volunteer Handbook is for you!

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Prayer That's Caught and Taught Prayer That's Caught and Taught

Mentoring the next generation in prayer is something every intercessor should consider doing--either casually or systematically. In Prayer That's Caught and Taught, PRAY magazine editor, Carol Madison, will both inspire you to take on this role, and will show you how to easily teach 9 important principles about prayer using your own stories and experience.

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